NOV 24 , 2021


Choose The Healthier Way Of Life Return To Purity

Words By : Mathew Joseph

Bosorganics - India's Leading Brand for Organic Foods

We here at Bosorganics are committed to nothing short of quality. Our journey traces a route to our roots, and thus, home-grown goodness is our promise. Our range offers superior quality, organic edibles including spices, tea, seeds, dry fruits and nuts. All our products are 100% organic with the European Union Organic and USDA Organic certifications. They are vegan and grown in an absolutely pesticide-free environment. Join us in exploring our collection of earthly goodness. Here is to superior quality that fits your pockets and meets your convenience.                                                                        



Our organic moringa leaf powder, is not just a pretty green powder for consumption. Unadulterated and naturally processed, this powder provides all the goodness of moringa without any compromise. Rich in Calcium, Iron, Vitamins A, C, E and antioxidants, organic moringa leaf powder comes with various health benefits. It is a wonderous herbal supplement that has been part of our Indian diets for decades and it is a known immunity booster. We bring to you the organic moringa leaf in the powdered form, ensuring easier intake with out-and-out finesse.


Organic tulsi tea is your one-stop solution for improved digestion and metabolism. Bosorganics being the country’s leading organic tea exporters, is noted for our product quality and attractive prices. We have bulk production of tulsi, which is rightly called the queen of herbs. This organic tulsi tea is a caffeine-free and gluten-free consumable attributed with stress-relieving, stamina improving and immunity boosting qualities. From regulating your blood sugar levels to helping a healthy weight management, this product is our all-rounder. Why would you hesitate to bring this home?


An age-old saying popular in Kerala loosely translates to say that there is no Ayurvedic potion devoid of dried ginger. Bosorganics is a health-conscious team and our views reflect in our deliverance too. Our organic ginger powder is produced from fresh ginger harvested in the loamy soils of Kerala producing maximum quality yield with high potency. Ginger brings a tasty kick, which is much appreciated in the most sophisticated of dishes or even in a simple lemonade. The organic ginger powder ensures quick and easy brewing of Kerala’s own “chukku kaapi” (dried ginger coffee) that is nothing short of a relieving spell for fever and common cold. It also helps treat indigestion, and improves gut health.


With no added colours, our turmeric powder is golden goodness in a packet. Turmeric is a much sort after Indian spice, primarily for its myriad health benefits which is not restricted to anti- inflammatory properties. The “golden milk” made with organic turmeric powder, can help in blood purification and boosting your immunity. Most of the traditional Indian beauty recipes are incomplete without its primary ingredient – ‘haldi’. Our organic turmeric powder adds bright hues to your delicacies while ensuring health and hygiene. This natural food colour, rich in Vitamin C, is processed from fresh turmeric roots cultivated in organic conditions.


Sourced directly from our farms to the mills, our organic black sesame seeds represent unbeatable quality. Compared to the other sesame varieties, organic black sesame seeds brim with a plethora of health benefits. Distinct in taste and texture, these feature in most of Kerala’s tea time snacks – and for a good reason. These magic seeds ensure fiber intake and is great to better your HB levels.


The “green” in green tea represents life and lightness and we understand that. There is nothing green about the green tea if it is not organic. Our product is the organic green tea, better known as the Verde organic, which is a type of tea that has not undergone the same withering and oxidation process used in other tea varieties. Fresh green tea leaves are steamed in high temperatures, and not fermented. This seals the polyphenol molecules which are responsible for most of the benefits of the organic tea. Right proportion of caffeine content coupled with rich antioxidants make it the perfect drink to wake you up, capacitate effective thinking and improve brain functions, all while keeping your skin fresh and supple. Organic green tea with a tinge of lemon is great for digestion too.


Our organic Ceylon cinnamon powder is the flavourful fun missing on your plates. Our organic cinnamon powder is minimally treated to ensure that the piquancy, aroma and essence of the spice is not lost in process. A much-relished daintiness that it is, it is a must-have in every kitchen to spice up everything from your pulao to cakes to even tea and coffee. Our product, true to its name ensures compliance to organic conditions and is also keto friendly. This real cinnamon powder is all that you would need to take your delicacies a notch up.


Protein and fiber-rich immunity booster, the organic pumpkin seeds is a true superfood in our range of foods. The organic cultivation and processing methods of our sprouted pumpkin seeds, keeps sealed the nutritive content, chewy texture, subtle sweetness and the nutty flavour in them. We provide pure organic pumpkin seeds in international quality. These best quality oval-shaped pumpkin seeds are carefully removed from full grown pumpkins before they are rinsed, roasted and later brought to you in eco-friendly and air-tight packets.


Our organic dry fruits collection is not a dehydrated residue of any fruit, squeezed out of its flavour and nutriment. These are carefully processed, ensuring full retention of all the fruity goodness. This brings to you a range of fruits as good as a fresh fruit bowl but with longer shelf life. A soaked handful could be your perfect smoothie blend or they could be your nourishing cereal garnish. Purity, longevity, nourishment, health, flavour and convenience – what more are we looking for in edibles?