Arabica Coffee

Coffee is an extremely delectable drink that gives a spur of energy and a favourite staple beverage truly enjoyed by people across the world. Arabica coffee, also known as Arabian coffee, is the world’s most famous coffee variety that comes from the beans of Coffea arabica plant. The taste of Arabica is superior to Robusta due to its low caffeine content and more sugar content; that is sweet and smooth, reminiscent of chocolate flavour. The captivating aroma of coffee is an energy booster for coffee lovers; the unroasted Arabica coffee beans have a smell resembling blueberries, which will be transformed into a nutty fruity fragrance when roasted. Apart from being the treasured beverage, coffee is also loaded with enormous nutritional qualities. Bosoraganics is one of the leading coffee exporters in India; we offer the best quality Arabica coffee to our customers. Our direct engagement with hard-working coffee farmers and the professional training us provide to them is the affirmation of our commitment to export premium quality products.

Product Description

Arabica coffee is a powerhouse of antioxidants that bestow potential anti-inflammatory properties and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. These coffee beans are even beneficial to fight against cancer cells. Arabica coffee beans hold diuretic properties along with the low sodium and high potassium content which aids in maintaining blood pressure. Besides this, it is also said to be effective in reducing the risk of neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Additional Information

Arabica coffee beans tend to be more expensive than Robusta due to their less disease-resistant nature, which makes the cultivation more laborious. Despite the difficulty in cultivation, Arabica is the most widely used type of coffee, more than 80% of the total coffee production. These coffee beans are considered the highest quality variant and believed as the first type that was cultivated. India is one among the top ten coffee producers in the world and Bosorganics, as one of the major exporters of coffee in India, exports the best quality Arabica coffee.


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