Cassia Stick

Cassia sticks, also known as Chinese cinnamon, are the dried aromatic inner bark of Cinnamomum cassia, originating in southern China. This spice is from the same species as Ceylon cinnamon and has a similar look. Cassia has a strong spicy flavour and dark reddish-brown, thick & rough texture compared to Ceylon cinnamon. The presence of around 95% cinnamaldehyde content in cassia is responsible for its more intense aroma and strong spicy-sweet flavour. This spice is a healthy and delicious addition to a lot of desserts, candies, spicy main dishes, and beverages. Apart from being a flavouring agent, Cassia is also a powerful medicinal representative with a lot of nutritional and health benefits. It is very imperative for us to export quality products that are close to nature. Bosorganics helps in improving the quality of the spices by interacting directly with farmers and giving them the advice they need at each stage of product development.

Product Description

The anti-diabetic nature of cassia is due to the presence of chemicals like hydroxy chalcone, which aids in boosting insulin sensitivity. Cassia is also useful against hypertension as it has fierce results in decreasing blood pressure. It is high in antioxidants and contains calcium as well as manganese. The medicinal benefits of cassia never end there; they are rich in anti-inflammatory, analgesic properties, and a very good remedy for stomach ailments. Chinese cinnamon is widely exported around the world and is relatively inexpensive compared to Ceylon cinnamon. It is chiefly consumed in the regions of the USA & Asia.

Additional Information

Repellents containing cassia oil have been shown to provide greater protection against dangerous mosquitoes that spread numerous diseases. In the past, people used to apply this oil directly to the skin to get rid of mosquito bites. This evergreen tree grows best in the moist tropical climate and in well-drained soil with pH ranging from 4.5 to 8.0. Cassia sticks are produced by harvesting the tree’s mature bark peeled from stems & branches and allow the separated inner bark to dry and curl up into quills. Although the Cassia sticks have a lot of health benefits, it is not suitable for regular intake in a high amount as it contains a lot of coumarins, which can be harmful in large quantities.


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