A spice with a peculiar sweet woody fragrance and a warm nutty flavour, i.e., “nutmeg", the seed of a tropical evergreen tree named Myristica fragrans. It is the only tree that features two spices from one fruit; Nutmeg, from its seed, and mace, from the seed coating. The outstanding warm spiciness coincides with a sweet flavour, making the nutmeg a wonderful partner for both sweet and savoury dishes. This versatile spice from the Spices Island of Indonesia is now growing in various countries. India has emerged as one of the leading exporters of nutmeg and found a place among the top 3 leading producers in the world. Kerala, the Spice Capital of the World, has been a major producer of nutmeg in India; it makes us ideal for the export of the best quality nutmeg. Bosorganics is renowned as one of the leading exporters of organic spices in India offering high-quality authentic spices from Kerala. We provide the necessary training to farmers who are committed to organic farming and obtain our high-quality spices directly from them.

Product Description

Nutmeg can engender a captivating flavour in desserts and beverages even by sprinkling a little. It is better to buy the whole nutmeg and grind it as required as the ground spice will lose its flavour quickly. It is also treasured for its amazing health benefits enriched with antioxidant, antifungal, antibacterial, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Nutmeg contains myristicin, a compound that can cause a hallucinogenic effect when consumed in large quantities. Nutmeg is known to impact skincare as it naturally heals and rejuvenates the skin, and its essential oil is widely used in the perfumery and pharmaceutical industries as well.

Additional Information

The different alluring spices rich in aroma, flavour, medicinal, and nutritional qualities have transformed the world and were the first products to be traded globally in high demand and were super expensive. In ancient times, there have been fierce battles and bloodshed over many of the spices. Nutmeg is one of those spices, and the battles fought by the Europeans in the 1600s for the conquest of some islands in Indonesia were for this little spice. Nutmeg is a beneficial intercrop and can be grown mixed with coconut palms and areca nut palms. The fruits will be all set for harvest roughly 9 months after flowering, and a tree may bear fruit for up to 60 years.


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