Green Tea

Green tea is a largely unoxidized version of tea, typically dark green in colour, and has a bittersweet flavour. This can provide sustained energy and alertness for hours to improve your mood. The popularity of green tea is increasing day by day because of its vast health benefits. It is often praised as the healthiest tea because of the low caffeine level and the presence of beneficial antioxidants. Many people consume green tea as a detox drink because it neutralizes free radicals in our body and improves the natural ability of detoxification. Although green tea originated in China, it is now extensively produced in many Asian countries and gradually gaining its acclamation in the west. Bosorganics is one of the leading tea exporters in India, offers the best green tea in India with consistent quality and flavour.

Product Description

Green tea is an excellent source of polyphenol antioxidants including catechin which offers potential health benefits like improving brain function, reducing the risk of heart disease and even fighting against certain cancers. The catechin is also good for oral health by inhibiting bacterial growth. Usually, green tea is consumed without sugar or milk, and a wide variety of flavoured green tea is available in the market. If we over-brewed the tea or abandon the tea leaves too long in the cup, it makes the tea extremely bitter.

Additional Information

Chinese green tea is the earliest and most famous type of tea tracing all the way back to 2737 BC. It is widely believed that tea was first discovered by the Chinese Emperor Shennong during his reign. In one of his trips, he accidentally drank water with tea leaves, which led to the birth of this amazing aromatic beverage. Apart from being used as a “tea”, green tea is now often embraced as an ingredient in many skin care products due to its anti-inflammatory properties beneficial to healthy skin.


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