Black Tea

Black tea, native to East Asia, is the most oxidized version of tea, and when brewed it is in an amber dark red colour. Black tea is a refreshing and energy-boosting beverage which found a special place in everybody’s daily routine. The full oxidation process makes this tea stronger in flavour than other varieties. The flavonoids present in it have the ability to diminish the concentration of harmful cadmium in our body and protect health. Black tea is the most consumed and popular drink in the world next to the water. India is the largest producer of black tea and one of the leading exporters in the world. Bosorganics is one of the top tea exporters in India; we export the best Indian black tea of high quality directly collected from the farmers.

Product Description

Black tea, also known as “Red Tea”, has an earthly sweet aroma and an intense taste. Besides being a beverage, it is loaded with enormous health benefits. Tea is one of the oldest known natural medicines for mankind which has medicinal properties like improving immunity, reducing the risk of stroke, maintaining cholesterol level, and even fighting against cancer cells. Black tea imparts rich dietary sources of antioxidants that protect your cells against free radicals. The long list of nutrient benefits is not finished yet; the flavonoids rich in vitamin C & E are beneficial for maintaining heart health.

Additional Information

Many varieties of tea come from the leaves of the same plant, Camellia sinensis, but the difference in its harvesting and processing is what makes the types. Black tea is produced by a series of processes after harvesting like withering, rolling, oxidizing, drying, and sorting. The oxidation is responsible for the black tea flavour, aroma, and colour and plays an important role in the final quality. We are globally exporting the best organic tea from India without losing a bit of its flavour and goodness.


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