Robusta Coffee

Coffee made from roasted coffee beans is a beverage that captivates us with its mesmerizing aroma and unforgettable taste. A cup of coffee can really kick start all the cells in the body and give a rejuvenating feel. Robusta coffee beans are one of the famous primary varieties of coffee. Robusta coffee beans from the Coffea canephora plant are known to have the highest caffeine content and less sugar content than Arabica. It tastes earthy, nutty, along with a bitter and grain-like flavour note. Besides being a popular beverage, it is traditionally used as an analgesic owing to its high caffeine content. The plenteousness of healthful antioxidants in Robusta makes it beneficial for skincare therapy. Bosorganics is one of the leading coffee exporters in India; we export the best quality Robusta coffee beans directly from the farmers without an intermediary to assure our promise in quality.

Product Description

The finest quality Robusta coffee beans are used in espressos to produce plentiful and better thick foam heads. This coffee has a strong taste and a refreshing earthy aroma. It is a potent source of stimulants like theobromine and theophylline which act as mild psychostimulants that aids in increasing attention. This coffee is being used as a traditional remedy to relieve spasmodic asthma. Vietnam is the world’s largest Robusta coffee producer; it is also cultivated in various parts of India. S.274 Coffee and CxR Coffee are the two significant varieties of Robusta coffee beans in India.

Additional Information

The presence of 7-10% chlorogenic acid (CGA) in Robusta, an important antioxidant and insect deterrent, makes this coffee plant less susceptible to diseases and more resistant to pests, which results in a better yield than Arabica. Robusta is more resilient to climatic changes and can also produce fruits twice faster than Arabica. Considering the fact of easy and less expensive cultivation, it is much cheaper than Arabica, but a great additive in beauty products due to its acidic content. Coffee has the magic power to provide a revitalizing feel and short-term memory boost that is why people love this drink.


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