Shrimp is one of the incredibly famous kinds of seafood all over the world. It has a delicious sweet and salty taste that slightly resembles the taste of chicken. These crustaceans possess high nutritional value and are found widely in both fresh and saltwater. This seafood is a sumptuous and appetizing addition to a wide variety of cuisines across the globe. Shrimps are loaded with lots of nutrients while they are low in carbs and calories. These dietary benefits give shrimp the title of healthy seafood. India is one of the leading exporters of shrimp in the world. Bosorganics is one of the foremost exporters of seafood from India; we export many kinds of shrimps with international standards of the best quality and hygiene packaging.

Product Description

Shrimps have a great source of iodine that is advantageous for brain health and for the production of thyroid hormones. Astaxanthin, an antioxidant present in shrimps, is said to have a lot of health benefits such as improving the elasticity of the skin, reducing the risk of chronic diseases, and lessening the risk of brain damage due to stroke. Besides these, it is even believed to prevent tumor growth owing to the presence of super nutrient selenium. Shrimps are actually healthier than we think, power-packed seafood with plenty of amino acids, vitamin B12, and minerals like phosphorus.

Additional Information

Shrimps are either farm-raised or wild-caught and available in ample varieties. The major varieties of shrimp in India are Indian black tiger shrimp and Pacific white shrimp. Black tiger shrimp or Asian tiger shrimp are available throughout the entire year and have a bold, sweet flavor. Pacific White Shrimp, also known as white leg shrimp, is native to the eastern Pacific Ocean, hence the name. It has a more delicate taste profile and texture compared to black tiger shrimp. Both the varieties are really popular, delicious and are largely cultivated on farms.


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