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The dominance of fruits and vegetables in daily food consumption has always proved to take us toward better health. However, some herbs and spices offer additional health benefits. One of these is ginger. Ginger originated in the Indian subcontinent to Southern Asia where they show considerable genetic variation. India is the leading exporter of ginger followed by China. Domestic consumption of ginger produced in India stands above the ginger export rate. The spice is used both in the fresh and dried form. The difference in the flavor of both states differentiates the purpose and consumption rate.
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Product Description

Keeping the ginger farmers in Kerala, India up to date with current technology shoots enable Bosorganics to ensure the best export quality ginger reach the customers directly from the farmers. We always strive towards protecting the interests of the farmers by providing them with training and familiarizing them with the cutting edge technology required to produce top quality spices. The Kerala ginger we export is sourced from community-based farms that use farming methods approved by the United States Department of Agriculture. Some of the farmers have even obtained European Certification for organically grown food. Our organic farming methods are part of sustainable agriculture causing the least harm to nature. The ginger we export is stored and transported in highly monitored conditions to ensure that we have the best of the ginger from Kerala reaching the customer. We follow a very flexible order and shipment process at the convenience of both the customer and the company.

Additional Information

Ginger from Kerala contains many compounds and metabolites that contribute to health and healing. It is commonly used to ease digestion, reduce nausea, pain, inflammation etc, improve cardiovascular health. It is also known to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol. This spice is extensively used in many weight reduction treatments and regimes followed around the world.

The crop grows in warm and humid climate and ample rainfall. The crop is ready for harvesting in about 6 to 10 months depending on the variety. After harvesting, the roots are removed from the rhizome and it is washed to clean off the sand. The rhizomes are then soaked in water overnight and it is scraped the next day to remove the skin. No metal instruments are used during this process to avoid any discoloration of the rhizome. After scrapping, the rhizomes are dried in the sun for over a week with frequent turnings. The curing process of the rhizome is well monitored and supervised to ensure the best quality product with the aroma and flavor intact.

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Admin – April 03, 2016:

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Ahsan – April 01, 2016:

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